Leg Seal Manufacturer for IFR and EFR Tank

The leg seal is a durable and efficient approach for controlling roof leg emissions and corrosion in the leg sleeve area. The leg seal is made up of two scales made of flexible material that cover the leg on top and the sleeve on the boom on the bottom.

The tongue and groove connections between the contact surfaces of both scales provide a very tight seal between the two scales. Finally, durable stainless steel hose clamps were also used to connect the scales. For legs having open holes for maintenance, pinhole seals will be added to make the leg completely gas-tight.

In addition to reducing emissions significantly, leg seals will prevent product splashing on top of the external floating roof, for example, as a result of mixing. Our leg seals have become the industry standard for storing volatile hydrocarbons in tanks. A plug for the leg pin will be included with the leg seal.

Key Feature

  • Emissions from roof support legs are effectively reduced.
  • Improved reliability and quality Operation of EFR
  • Leg sleeves and support legs are less corroded.
  • Excellent tight seal
  • Long-term durability
  • There is no need for maintenance.
  • Installation and removal are quick and easy.
  • Prevents the support legs from securing to the sleeves.
  • Reusable

Leg Seal Manufacturer, Leg Cover Manufacturer

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