Aluminium Dome Roofs / Geodesic Dome Roofs

Aluminium Dome Roof works as the roof which completely prevents rainwater from going into and minimizes the evaporation of product contained in the tank. Through FEM structure design analysis shall be necessary to withstand the load such as wind and seismic factors without the support of an extra column. The most advanced Aluminium dome roof design makes it possible that internal pressure is set up in the tank by max.2.2kPa.

Key Features

  • All corrosion-free Aluminium
  • Most effective leak-free solution
  • Emission reduction
  • The low total cost of the roof solution
  • No welding at the site
  • Lightweight and maintenance-free
  • The flat full flow strut design
  • Water and air tightness sealing
  • Compatible with all petroleum product
  • Easy to the installation of all accessories
  • Accuracy and tightened structural design
Aluminium Dome Roof

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